Looking for someone different than the usual 'special guest' corporate speaker or someone to add life to an event guest list? There's only one Wendell Sailor. 


Wendell’s career as a professional athlete is an amazing story of extreme highs and lows, perseverance, determination, pioneering and evolution. 

His story provides motivation and inspiration that’s relatable in a corporate environment and highlights the importance of working in a team.

Outside the boardroom, he has an endless supply of entertaining stories about his playing days in rugby league and union, as well as his lesser known talents in cricket and golf.

He also shares some stories about his close friendships with some of Australia’s greatest athletes and celebrities.


At events, Wendell’s energy and charisma adds value in a way that only he can.

From sporting events, C-suite lunches and dinners, product launches and special events, Wendell will make any event a memorable one.

With a handicap of 9 he’s also pretty good at corporate golf days.

His love of social media means increased exposure for events he attends as he shares his experiences with over 120,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram.


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